How I found a great car dealership

Finding good car dealerships

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s car shopping. It seems ridiculous to even say that because I’ve purchased one car in my entire lifetime so it’s not like I’ve done a lot of car shopping. Car shopping isn’t like going to the grocery store or something, you know?

Anyway, I bought my last car about 12 years ago. She was still running like a champ but I was worried about the winter approaching and wanted something a little more reliable. But I couldn’t bear the thought of running around from dealer to dealer to find out who had what and have to deal with all the voicemails and negotiating. I just don’t have time for it. So, I wasn’t so concerned with finding a good car dealership exactly. I was more worried about finding a good car.

I ended up buying a car from an online car listing website which I never thought I’d do. There are a few different kinds out there. The one I used was an aggregator of, like, every single car that’s on sale in my area. I saw cars from the newspaper want ads, used car dealerships, larger big brand dealerships, and even private owners.

Surprisingly, the 2 cars that I was most interested in were at the same dealership which was about a ten minute drive away. I begged my roommate to drive me and then sat in her car for 10 minutes because I really didn’t want to go in. I pulled up the specific car from the car listing website and showed it to the first person who approached me. I’m pretty sure they could tell that I was uncomfortable so no one tried to talk me into anything or pressure me into a longer warranty or anything like that.

I was so happy with the whole process that next time, I think I’ll try selling my car on a car listing website, too. I ended up just trading it in at the dealer where I bought my car because it seemed like the easiest thing to do. But I think if I had put some time into selling it myself, I probably could have made a little more money.

That said, I am so thankful for the internet, and this website in particular: I found a great car and, because I was prepared, I got a great deal on a car that I absolutely love.